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New Site....

Welcome to the sparkly new - I'm so happy you're here! Come on in pull up a chair, and explore my world...

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New Tune

I'm celebrating the birth of my new site with an all new downloadable single of If Heaven  written by  Gretchen Peters. You can preview it in the Music section and then buy it to have forever and ever in my store .

New Show

I'm reuniting with one of my favorite musical co-conspirators, Rick Jensen, for Dance Me to the End of Love - songs of  Life Love & Dancing. We're in Ridgewood, NJ on October 15th and you can get the complete dirt plus a link to tix by going to my Events page.

New students

I have a limited number of spaces available for private coaching. If you're not in the NYC area don't fret, I'm happy to work with you via Skype. 

Areas I cover are:

Song Performance: Choosing material that's perfect for you and putting it up on the stage.

Putting it Together: Everything you need to put together your act from choosing the tunes, to putting them in order, to what to say to the audience.

How Do I Look: Creating a look for the stage that makes you feel great and is unique to you and what you do.

If you need a little boost in any of these areas drop me a line through my Contact page, and we'll make it happen.